The Food Adventurist

Shelly's earliest memory of food is when she would help her great grandmother shell fresh peas from her garden. Those moments included singing songs, making jokes, and greeting each passerby from her porch. From that time, Shelly always had a love affair with food related experiences. Shelly's cooking style is easy gourmet. She enjoys trying ingredients that aren't typically found in an everyday kitchen then creating simple meals. When she’s not in the kitchen, she’s juggling her daughters' extracurricular activities and traveling to Washington DC to spend time with her fiancé.

The Flavor Connoisseur

Marsharelle has always found working with her hands to be nourishing to her mind and spirit. So it was no surprise that after marriage and children, her love for making things lead her to the kitchen. Marsharelle's cooking style is relaxed, with an emphasis on fresh, nutritious, ingredients. While health conscious, she believes in balance, so there's never a shortage of dessert in her house! When she's not in the kitchen she's spending time with loved ones, creating cool things with yarn and fabric and building confidence in women through bra fitting.