Meet Shelly: Self Proclaimed Restaurant Connoisseur Life is about celebration. I enjoy celebrating with friends and family over a great meal. As a mother of two foodies, I often celebrate milestones with my daughters by visiting a new restaurant. A great restaurant in my opinion has an exceptional menu and welcomes children with open arms. I strongly believe that moms can have a thriving social life even with kids in tow!

Meet Marsharelle: The Make at Home Mama

I’m no culinary expert. Just a mom who loves food and sharing delicious experiences with family and friends. I love fresh ingredients and coming up with creative ways to get my husband and children to eat healthy dishes in order to balance out our indulgences. For me, food is an expression of love. And everyone’s gotta eat! So why not try to at least make some of our encounters with food special?

Though we share the same foundation of thought and approach to both food and parenting, we know that readers will easily determine our distinct voices in this blog. Ultimately we want our readers to join us as we continue on our quest for "having it all". And by all we mean those things that truly matter 😊. Thanks for stopping by!!