We hope everyone is enjoying the lunch series so far. If we haven't mentioned it before, we are Philly moms. As you may know, Philly is known for our cheesesteaks. As much as we appreciate the delectable sandwich, it's not at all a healthy option. We can't remember the last time we enjoyed one for that reason.  This week we decided to make a healthier version using chicken instead of beef and added veggies. Though we used fresh Amoroso rolls in our version, feel free to replace the bread with mini dinner rolls for kiddie servings or if you have a bigger kid that has a larger appetite, split the sandwich in half. 

This sandwich is a great lunch option because it's easy to make and very filling. Suggested side items are sweet potato or another baked veggie chip, fruit, and carrot sticks.

Chicken Cheesesteaks

1 lb chicken tenderloins

1/4 both green and red bell pepper, chopped

1/2 a medium onion, chopped

Long sandwich rolls of your choice (hollowed out if you're conscious of carb intake)

Cheese of your choice (American was used in this recipe)

Light mayo (optional)

Salt and pepper to season

Ketchup and mustard for dressing your sandwich

Olive oil for sautéing


Heat olive oil over medium heat. Season the tenderloins with salt and pepper. Sauté onion until almost translucent. Add bell pepper and sauté about a minute more. Throw in the tenderloins and continue cooking, chopping as you go along and being careful not to mutilate the onion and pepper. Once the onion and pepper are cooked to your liking you can either push to the side while you continue cooking the tenderloin, or remove from the pan. Cook chopped tenderloins through and mix together with the onion and pepper. Set aside.

Dress your sandwich- apply a thin layer of mayo to your sandwich roll. Add a layer of cheese. Scoop mixture into the prepared roll. Dress with your condiments and enjoy!

Note: if you prefer caramelized onions, cook the onions over slightly higher heat until they get the color of your liking and remove from the pan before cooking the bell pepper and tenderloins.

We hope you enjoy! Let us know if you have a cheesesteak remix recipe. We would love to try it!