The beauty of Thanksgiving is that families are able to create their own traditions! Here, Marsharelle and Shelly's friend Marcel shares her recipe for her Thanksgiving Salmon. Enjoy!! Hey hey hey!!

There is always a non traditional item at my home for the holiday. Between the person on a diet or the part time vegetarian, Fish is a must! I like to keep the soul food theme consistent just a bit by adding some flare to my Salmon.

So grab a nice filet of salmon, I like to Go Wild if the price is right, but get it how you can lol!

Thanksgiving Salmon:

kosher salt

Black pepper

Garlic and onion powder


Thyme (because i love the smell and the zing it gives)

Lemon pepper

Mustard powder

Lawrys (no judgment just a lil sprinkle)

Honey mustard


bbq sauce


Can of Pepsi (a lady shared this with me many years ago i cant remember the science)


350degree oven

*oil bottom of baking dish. season filet with all the dry seasonings mentioned add pepsi to dish do not cover fish. Zig zag mustard, BBQ sauce and last honey over fish. Add a few slithers of butter. Cover with foil and let sit in fridge for about 30min -1hr.

Bake on 350 for about 20 min covered. 10min uncovered.

I like to broil for another 7-10 min to get a tad crispy.

And to ensure that your guests that opt for fish still feel Thanksgiving tradition add some dried cranberries in your final stretch of cooking. (Optional)