One thing everyone could use more of is time. There never seems to be enough time in the day, especially when you have little ones. As working moms, we value every minute we spend with our little ones because we only have a short amount of waking time in which to create memories. The weekdays specifically are tough, as so many things need to get done between the time we pick them up from school and bedtime. One of our resolutions this year was to prepare our meals a little better to save time in the kitchen and allow more weeknight bonding time. Below are some ways that we've already found helpful. Tips for Meal Prep

  1. Write it Down!: Real Simple magazine actually does make life simple. We love their Weekday Meal Plan and Shopping List template. We found that putting our meal plan and grocery list on paper (or in electronic form) makes it so much easier when we are not only shopping, but preparing our meals. This step is a must if you wish to avoid multiple trips to the grocery store during the week.
  2. Sunday is Your Saving Grace: This is nothing new, just a reminder to use Sunday as a day to prepare your week. Prepare your produce(chop, slice, and mince), season your meats, and write down your menu. This will take about an hour but will save you so much time during the week. No more wasting time thinking about what your are making for dinner on the way home! That meal that once took you an hour to make is now a 30 minute meal since everything is ready to go in the pan.
  3. Reach out for help: No one is super woman. Everyone needs help. Thankfully, there is an entire internet readily available. If you need food inspiration look no further! Google, Pin, and Instagram your life away. The point is, if you have chicken breasts and you are stuck at what exactly you should do with them, look it up. We typically type in the ingredients we have on hand and Google tells us what we are having for dinner. Easy peezy!
  4. Great websites for meal planning:

All You

Whole Foods


5. Meal Delivery: We are both fans of meal delivery services. We've only tried Blue Apron and we love it. They literally take the guess work out of meal planning by delivering every ingredient needed for three meals. They also have recipe cards that can be hole punched and saved for future meals. This is a great option for someone who doesn't want to figure out dinner, wants to expand their palette, and/or is interested in cooking gourmet food at home. See below for ways you can save on your first delivery (score!) from top meal delivery services:

Blue Apron

Hello Fresh

Home Chef


We hope you  found this helpful! Look out for our next post that will feature vegan recipes as a result of Shelly fasting using the Daniel Fast diet.