It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!! 
From mid November until the  New Year, our homes are filled with a festive spirit cultivated not only by our love of food, but our faith and family as well. For us, this is a time to share as much as we can, fellowship with those we love and lift up those who may need to be encouraged. 
Over the next two weeks, we will share with you some of our Christmas traditions, as well as some yummy cookie recipes (since Holidays and cookies are synonymous). We would love to hear some of your traditions also, so please share in the comments!
And if you haven't established any traditions of your own, no time like the present. It doesn't require much. But if it brings you peace or joy, it's something worth doing again and again. May you have a Blessed Holiday Season!

Shelly's Christmas Traditions: 

The holidays are always a great time to reflect on family, love, servant-hood, and more importantly Christ. Each year I revisit traditions that focus on those things. My favorite tradition with my family is counting down to Christmas with an Advent calendar. It helps us focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Last year I added a piece of candy and a bible verse starting with the creation and ending on the story of the birth of Jesus. The girls were so excited to read and learn more about Jesus' birth. This year I still added candy to each day but we are completing YouVersion devotions. My favorite devotion this year is the "Why Do We Call it Christmas" devotion (YouVersion can be found in the App store). Each day they view a 1 minute video that provides a little known fact about how Christmas came to be and we read a passage in the Bible. Check it out when you have a chance. We love it!

Fav cookie recipes:

In general I limit the amount of sugar my family consumes each day, especially during the school week. All of that goes out the window during the holiday season. Between cups of hot cocoa, candy canes, and cookie, we get our fair share of sugar! This year is special because my girls are finally old enough to read recipes and use the stand mixer with my assistance. The kitchen gets a little messy but we have fun making yummy treats.


Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies: Click Here.

I love this recipe because it is tried and true and versatile. Add a bit more salt for a salted cookie or add your favorite nut. The southern girl in me loves pecans in this recipe. 

Snickerdoodle cookies: Click Here.

Who doesn't love a good snickerdoodle recipe?! To me, snickerdoodles are sugar cookies for grown ups. The addition of cinnamon is a layer of complexity that elevates it to adulthood. 

Stay tuned next week to read a bit about Marsharelle's family tradition and the charitable activity that we participate in together. Until then, kick back and relax with some cookies from these yummy recipes!