If you were here with us last week, you know that we've been sharing our Christmas traditions. This week Marsharelle shares a couple of traditions and we talk about charitable giving. We hope you've been enjoying the holiday season so far. We most certainly have!

Tree Selection and Decorating

My Family loves picking out a real tree each year. We aren't fancy with where we go to find our tree (we don't cut it down ourselves or even head to a tree farm), but we love it just the same. The scent from a real tree really adds to the ambiance in our home during the holiday season.

Every December, we head to Home Depot to find the perfect one. The last few years our daughter has been old enough to pick the tree for us and this year our son attempted to get involved. Or rather, he laughed intently as he watched the tree being tied down to the roof of our car. 

We normally give the tree a day or two to "open up and relax".  Once it's ready, we kick off the trimming with an inaugural silly holiday dance to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by The Jackson 5 :-D This is a tradition that my husband and I started even before we had children, so it has been very heartwarming to share this with them.

Our Holiday Visitor

Lastly, we do have an "Elf on the Shelf" that visits us, however JoJo is like none you've ever seen. He was created by my daughter who wished that he would be granted the magic had by all traditional elves on shelves, and wouldn't you know it-he actually was :-) Now he moves about the house during the month keeping an eye on our kiddies. He represents the wonder and amazement of the season that children truly magnify for us. 

Charitable Give Back

Shelly and I also take joy in giving back as much as we can. This week, for the final time this year, we were able to provide a community meal at New Life Presbyterian Church in Glenside, Pa. Making it a bit more special was the awesome group of volunteers who helped us deliver a great meal. Such a joy it was to share in the ministry of giving with others. 

Shelly's family attends the Christmas Eve service at New Life each year. Its a great way to prepare our hearts and minds for celebrating the reason for this season-the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. If you are in the Philadelphia area and are interested in worshiping on Christmas Eve, there is a service at 7pm and 11pm. Meet Shelly at the 7pm service!

We hope that you've been inspired in some way by our traditions and activities. We do not take for granted the opportunity to celebrate in this manner, or participate in deeds that help others. Each act is indeed a blessing. May you have a Merry Christmas!